zAmya would love to come to you.

zAmya offers companies, schools, shelters, and other organizations 30-90 minute theatrical productions, creative learning, and awareness raising opportunities. Contact us to bring zAmya to your company, school, faith organization, or conference.


zAmya performances are about homelessness and related issues such as addiction, mental health, institutional racism, and incarceration. They are written from the perspective of those affected. In spite of the heavy subject matter, zAmya performances are cited for their raw authenticity, talented performers, unexpected humor, and unique aesthetic blend of realism, satire, musical theater, and spoken word. Whatever the form, our material is grounded in truth.  30-90 minute performances include post show conversation with performers.

Creative Workshops

Custom Designed to fit your needs, these creative, thought-provoking sessions typically involve lively team exercises and activities and are co-facilitated by zAmya troupe members and creative leadership.  


zAmya partners with organizations to design play-making processes, extended workshop series, and performance commissions.  



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